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Important Notice
  Dear Leaders and Agents,
There are data sync issue in PRUInfo Plus that's impacted some of the leaders/agents TPC value which is not sync with RAISe figure.

While this issue is in the progress of fixing, please refer to RAISe TPC for time being.

Thank You, and sorry for the inconvenient caused.

Dear Leaders & Agents,

Please be informed that the latest version of PRUinfo Plus Apps for IPad - V1.7 is available for download via PRUPartner.

Older versions of PRUInfo Plus is no longer able to access.


Dear Leaders and Agents,
Important Notice!

We have scheduled the following dates for special persistency run to enable you to monitor your persistency requirements for Star Club 2021 and for Financial Year Ending 2021.

Nov : 14th
Dec : 12th, 19th and 26th

Once the above is completed, the date will be updated to reflect the latest completed date in Persistency Menu

Agency Support

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