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  Agents Commission Payment Schedule for 2017

Dear Quality Leaders & Agents

We are pleased to inform you that HPFB and Persistency Bonus will be paid to you on 19th January 2017 together with the 1st half of January 2017 commission payment.

Please access to Prupartner to retrieve the 2017 schedule of commission payment from the "Download" banner, for your financial planning purpose.

Wishing you and your family " A Year of Great Abundance " !

From : Agency Administration


PIN & Pay

Have you changed your Credit / Debit card to PIN & PAY card??

All Credit / Debit card holders must change their current signature verified cards to PIN enabled cards by 31 December 2016.

The new PIN & PAY will affect both, new business and recurring billing deductions, especially policies that enrolled with Auto-billing using Debt cards. Hence, please encourage your customers who own new PIN enabled Debit card to update PAMB the new Debit card number.

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