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1    Information Security

1.1    Data Confidentiality and Data Integrity

To ensure data confidentiality and data integrity, sensitive information (e.g. e-signatures) are encrypted with industrial strength cryptography.

1.2    Access to Customer’s Information

  1. You are required to be aware of the privacy policy/ data privacy declaration of the customers and your confidence obligations, as well as to know how to handle customers' information in line with Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad’s ("PAMB") privacy and information confidentiality principles.

  2. At all times, your access to this site shall be in compliance with the guidelines and directions of PAMB, any law, regulations or legislation, as may be applicable.

  3. You agree that you shall not abuse or misuse this site or the services herein. You shall always keep your username and password safe.

  4. You shall not at any time:

    1. disclose any information obtained pursuant to PAMB activating your account in this site to a third party;
    2. assist any other person to hack into or obtain unauthorized access to this site or any services herein;
    3. share your username and password with any third party; or
    4. interfere with the access and use of the same by others.
  5. Furthermore, you shall not carry out nor assist any other person to transmit communication, information or materials which:

    1. adversely affects our rights or the rights of others;
    2. which is morally offensive;
    3. which adversely affects our internet insurance system or the security of our internet insurance system; or
    4. which is otherwise against the law.

2    Data Privacy Declaration

  1. The term "Personal Data" used in this clause shall have the meaning set out in Section 4 of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”).

  2. At all times, your access to this site shall be in compliance with the guidelines and directions of PAMB, any law, regulations or legislation, as may be applicable.

  3. You understand, agree and give your consent to PAMB (and any third party appointed by PAMB on PAMB's behalf) to collect, hold, use, delete, disclose, transfer, and process in any other way, all your Personal Data, whether given now or subsequently to PAMB from time to time, for the purposes of:

    1. Processing any application to PAMB to register for or to activate a user account for this site, whether made now or subsequently;
    2. Researching and auditing, including but not limited to historical and statistical data;
    3. Exercising any right of subrogation;
    4. Updating PAMB's records;
    5. Data matching;
    6. Detection and prevention of fraud;
    7. Carrying out any activity in relation to or in connection with carrying out PAMB's duties as an insurer or principal of its agents (if applicable) or a data user under the PDPA;
    8. Communicating with you for any of these purposes; and
    9. Allowing PAMB to evaluate the effectiveness of use of this site and for statistical analysis.
  4. To achieve the purposes set out in clause 2(b) above, you give your consent to PAMB to transfer and share your Personal Data to individuals or organizations within PAMB's and Prudential PLC’s group of companies or other third parties including the relevant authorities and other third party service providers PAMB has appointed (that provide administrative, telecommunications, payment, data processing, data storage, or other services to PAMB) in connection with purposes set out in clause 2(b) above. As some of these third parties are not located in Malaysia, PAMB may transfer your Personal Data to places outside of Malaysia.

  5. All consent relating to your Personal Data here shall also apply to Personal Data relating to your religious beliefs or other beliefs of a similar nature, physical or mental health or medical condition, which would be necessary for or directly related to the purposes set out in clause 2(b) above.

  6. You have the right to see the Personal Data PAMB holds about you, and to have it corrected if it is wrong.

  7. In the event where the Personal Data given now to or that is subsequently obtained by PAMB from time to time by you is not your Personal Data but that of another individual ("the Data Subject"), you confirm that you have informed the Data Subject that you are providing the Data Subject's Personal Data to PAMB, and have obtained the Data Subject's consent to do so. You further confirm that you have explained the contents of this Data Privacy Declaration to the Data Subject, and that he/she understands, agrees and authorizes PAMB to deal with such Personal Data according to what is stated in this declaration.

3    Undertaking and Indemnity

In consideration of PAMB activating your account in this site, you irrevocably agree that you shall at all times keep PAMB harmless, discharged and fully indemnified against all actions, claims, costs (including all legal costs on solicitor and client basis), damages (including any damages or compensation paid by PAMB on the advice of its legal advisers to compromise or settle any such claim), demands, expenses, fines, losses, penalties, proceedings, that any of them may incur or suffer by any reason howsoever arising from or incidental to PAMB activating, rejecting, closing, removing or suspending your account in this site. This clause shall be binding upon your respective successors-intitle, executors, administrators, personal representatives and/or heirs. This clause shall survive the closure, removal or suspension of your account in this site.

4    Client Charter

This site is absolutely committed to providing online services and operation under safe and secure environment. Therefore, we have put in place the tightest security architecture to prevent unauthorized access to the data theft and attempts to the compromising of information security and confidentiality.

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